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Famous TOTS

Because YOUR Baby DESERVES It...

The greatest gift we can ever receive is the birth of a healthy baby boy\girl. At Famous TOTS we believe every baby is a celebrated baby thus the name of our organisation Famous TOTS!!

Famous TOTS came into being from noticing the high demand and supply of healthy babies being born into our wonderful world today. What is a Famous TOT you ask? Your baby of course!! We believe that when you have a child its a wonderful experience which should be celebrated and we believe that your baby deserves all the attention love and care like the star he/she is in your life, thus the name FAMOUS TOTS!

We specialise in the best for:

  • Toddlers
  • Newborns
  • Infants
  • Terrible Two Oufits(for Twins)
  • 3 to 5 year olds
  • Pacifiers (custom and ready made)

In todays world babies are being born on an hourly basis and we believe children are the future. We dont believe that because youre not a celebrity doesnt mean your baby should be happy and feel as famous and special as he/she deserves. Like the way Victoria Secret is to women and Kenneth Cole is to men, just the same we think thre should be some dedicated companies out there who cater to babies and their social needs. We aim to provide the best in every product we offer for your baby and to offer the same care, products and advice you would and should recieve if you were to visit a pediatrition, baby store, or daycare centre with the only difference being we are a web based company.

Take some time to browse through our site and view our Blog page where you can share information on what makes a baby happy as well as give us feed back through our various blog topics. Visit our guest book to sign up in order to get new product updates and discounts for your famous tot.

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Even tho we are mostly concerned about healthy and happy babies. We also believe you the parents play an integral part in making your babies feel like Famous TOTS! We have below a few recommended links for other sites that offer great products and services to you wonderful parents because believe it or not you deserve to look and feel Famous just like your healthy happy baby!!!

For great deals on electronics check out also for more baby stuff check out

For the mothers who want to have beautiful shoes matching their famous walk check out and

For great deals on spa treatment for that stressful day or task. Have your troubles and stress soothed away at and

For the best in facial care and hair styling guides and tips to have you looking fabolous and famous check out and

Visit our Products Page for more great products on healthy babies.


We hope to help you and your WONDERFUL Baby keep smiling until you visit again.